Diagnostic Testing

Car Diagnostic Testing in Sharpthorne, West Sussex

Our diagnostic testing equipment helps us to diagnose faults with your car. Diagnostic testing can often be carried out while you wait although some problems are not always clear and require further investigation. Warning lights on your dashboard are often the first sign of a problem. Your car's ECU (Engine Control Unit) will record a code when something goes wrong which is revealed when the diagnostic equipment is plugged into the car.

When the fault is found and repaired we can usually cancel the fault code and your warning light will go out.

What does the warning light mean?

Some warning lights are more serious than others and we have compiled the list below of the most common ones. If you do not know what a light means or are worried about it please give us a call so we can advise you on the best course of action.

STOP Engine warning light

An Engine Problem

Do not use the car and seek professional advice. Your car's ECU should have stored a fault code.

Oil warning light

Oil Pressure Warning

If this warning light stays illuminated after starting turn off your engine. The oil might need topping up. If the oil level is OK seek professional help.

Engine temperature warning light

Coolant Temperature Warning

This could simply be coolant level, there may be a coolant leak or a problem with the fan.

Battery warning light

Battery/Charging Warning

This could indicate poor connections on the battery, the battery might be failing or a problem with the alternator that charges the battery.

AAir bag warning lightirbag Fault

If this stays illuminated after starting there is a fault with the airbag. A fault code will be stored in the car's ECU. An airbag warning light is a MOT failure.

Car servicing warning light

Service Required

Your cars service interval may have been reached. It might also indicate that a light has failed or another problem.

Glow plug warning light from a diesel car

Glow Plug (Diesel Engines)

This indicates the glow plugs are warming up and the engine should not be started until it goes out.

Tyre pressure warning light

Tyre Pressure Warning

Indicates that a tyre has lost pressure. This may be due to a puncture.

Brakes warning light

Brake System Warning

This light shows when the handbrake is on. At other times it may indicate that brake fluid is low or brake pads are worn out.

ABS warning light

Anti-lock Braking System

Indicates a problem with the anti-lock braking system and needs to be checked. A code will be stored in the car's ECU. An ABS warning light is a MOT failure.

Traction Control Warning Light

Traction Control

Indicates when the traction control system is in use (conditions are slippery). If this light stays on it indicates there is a problem with the system. A Traction Control warning light that stays on is a MOT failure.