Tyre Fitter and Tyre Services

New Car Tyres and Tyre Fitting

Fitting a new tyreWhether you have a puncture or your tyres are worn out, we have a service for all your tyre needs. We are an independent tyre fitter and can supply and fit most makes of tyres from budget tyres, through midrange tyres and premium tyres.

We are happy to advise you on the best options available to suit your budget when it comes to buying new tyres.

Budget Tyres

Kingstar TyresHifly Budget TyresKormoran Budget Tyres

Mid-range Tyres

Yokohama TyresBF Goodrich TyresHankook Tyres

Premium Tyres

Dunlop TyresMichelin TyresGood Year TryresBridgestone TyresContinental TyresPirelli Tyres

Complete range of tyre services in Sussex

  • Replacement tyres
  • Punctured tyres repaired
  • Tyre fitting (tyres supplied by us or customer supplied tyres)
  • Wheel balancing
  • Tracking
  • Tyre pressure checking
  • Tyre swapping (we will swap your winter and summer tyres)

Free Tyre Checking

Checking a tyre's tread depth

Checking a tyre's tread depth

Call into our Garage in Sharpthorne and we will perform our free tyre checking service. First, we will check that your tyres are legal with the correct amount of tread depth. An illegal tyre can incur a fine and three points per tyre on your driving licence. The tyre pressures are checked and adjusted to the correct pressures. If you live in the local area and are planning a long journey make us your first stop to assure your journey is a safe one.

Puncture Repairs

Adjusting the tyre pressure

Adjusting the tyre pressure

A flat tyre does not always mean a new tyre is required. Depending on where on the tyre the puncture is, it is often possible to carry out a repair. Please call in and let us check, we will advise you if the tyre can be safely repaired.


Badly adjusted tracking is a major cause of tyres wearing out prematurely or unevenly across the tread. This can be a particular problem on rough or potholed roads. If you notice your tyres are wearing on the inside or outside edges, this could be a sign your tracking is out of alignment.

We can check and adjust your tracking for just £40.00+vat, please call to make an appointment.