Car Maintenance Tips

Coolant level check

How do I check my cars coolant level?

Warning, only top-up your engine’s coolant when it is cold. Undoing the filler cap when the engine is hot could cause serious scalding. If you are unsure, please bring the car to us. Locate the engine coolant reservoir. Your car owner’s manual will show you where. It is usually a transparent tank with the coolant visible […]

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Adjusting the tyre pressure

How do I check my tyre pressures?

You should only check your tyre pressures when they are cold. Warm tyres, from driving more than a few miles, will give you a false reading. The correct tyre pressures for your particular car will be listed in the owner’s manual. There may also be a sticker mounted on the car somewhere with this detail, […]

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Topping up screenwash bottle

How do I top up my screenwash?

The bottle for screenwash is located under the bonnet. It is a transparent tank, usually with a brightly coloured cap and/or symbol of a windscreen wiper/water squirting. The fluid should be a mix of water and screen wash with a consistency that changes depending on the time of year. The screenwash will help to clean the […]

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Checking the engine oil level

How do I check my oil?

When checking the engine oil level make sure the engine is cold and the car is on level ground. Locate and remove the dipstick, it usually has a yellow or brightly coloured top to it. Wipe it clean with a cloth and then reinsert it fully. Pull it out again and check that the oil […]

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